Infinite Beauty

Hyperbola Infinity sees fluid white-hued crystals twist and turn in hypnotic sculptural forms. An exhilarating embodiment of creativity and freedom, these pieces lend themselves to maximalist styling. Layer abundantly with Millenia jewelry and let your true self shine.

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Mesmerizing detail for an infinitely alluring sign-off

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Making Waves

​The figurative designs and fluid shapes in our beautiful new jewelry collections take inspiration from the ocean. Starfish are sculpted with our signature savoir-faire, and shells are detailed with cool blue crystals and glowing pearls to evoke light dancing on the surface of the sea. Boundary pushing, confidence boosting - these pieces are styled to stun.


Captivating shell motifs are intricately inlaid with Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Pearls in a beautiful example of our mastery of light.

Reinvent the Rules

This season, experimentation is yours for the taking. Reinterpreted in signature Swarovski pink, Millenia’s luminous octagonal crystals punctuate the simplest ensembles with exuberance. Be bold, stack together, stand out. Restraint is overrated.