Introducing Collection I

A pure expression of color and magic, our new Collection I by Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert pushes the boundaries of science and engineering. The alchemy of innovative design and crystal craftsmanship sparks a new universe of possibility and wonder.

The Dulcis Family

Joyful, delicious sweet treats made to adorn and adore. Inspired by visionary Modern Art, iridescent sherbet-colored metal is sculpted with the appearance of soft candy, set with contrasting cushion-cut crystals.

The Millenia Family

Mesmerizing, complex, astounding. The hypnotic clarity of clear crystals is realized in these bold, accomplished forms. Extravagant yet effortless, elegant yet electric.

The Orbita Family

Magnificently multifaceted. These sophisticated, versatile pieces cut from distinctive opaque crystal are cleverly designed to be reversible, interchangeable and admired from every side.

The Chroma Family

Rectangular crystals paint a vibrant story, inspired by color wheels from the sketchbooks of the greatest artists and designers throughout history. A pure chromatic expression, like a deconstructed prism of white light that refracts into a rainbow spectrum.