This season’s Creative Director Collection was designed to bring a little magic to everyday life, Swarovski’s Creative Director
Nathalie Colin explains.

Taking inspiration from the world of fairytales and the joy and curiosity they stir within us, these pieces portray all the flora
and fauna of enchanted forests from myth and legend. 

Floral pieces from the Magician family rotate to discover different colors and reveal new elegant shapes. The intriguing
charms of forest foliage are central in the stunning Manor family. Elsewhere, a fox’s enigmatic form becomes the basis for
a statement cuff and a matching ring. The fluid and organic silhouette of the arum lily becomes the basis for a necklace,
bracelet, ring and earrings.

Rich colors and inviting dazzle make this season’s collection come to life. These pieces open up an otherworldly atmosphere
to escape into, just like the fairytales we come to adore and return to throughout our lives.

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