Caring for your crystal

Swarovski crystal is a delicate material that must be handled with special care. Swarovski will not be held liable for any damages incurred after the receipt of products. To ensure that your Swarovski product remains in the best possible condition over an extended period of time, please observe the advice below to avoid damage.

Jewellery and Watches

All Swarovski fashion jewellery is traditionally crafted and therefore very delicate. The metal is plated and each crystal is individually set. As a result, special care is required. Please follow the advice below.

  • Store your jewellery in the original packaging or a soft pouch to avoid scratches.
  • Polish your jewellery frequently with a soft cloth to maintain its original, lustrous finish.
  • Remove jewellery before washing hands, swimming and/or applying products (e.g. perfume, hairspray, soap or lotion) as this could harm the metal and reduce the life of the plating, as well as cause discolouration and loss of crystal brilliance.
  • Put on jewellery last when dressing and take off first when undressing.
  • Avoid contact with water.
  • Avoid hard contact (i.e. knocking against objects) that can scratch or chip the crystal.
  • For watches, please refer to the certificate and operating instructions manual .

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Handbags and accessories

  • Leather is a natural material that evolves over time. To preserve its original appearance, Swarovski recommends that you treat leather products with care and avoid direct contact with grease, water, perfumes and/or make-up in order to prevent stains.
  • Avoid overloading leather and fabric accessories, as this can cause them to lose their original shape.
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Figurines and Decorative objects

  • Polish your product carefully with a soft, lint free cloth or clean it by hand with lukewarm water. Do not soak your crystal products in water.
  • Dry with a soft, lint free cloth to maximise brilliance.
  • Avoid contact with harsh, abrasive materials and glass/window cleaners.

When handling your crystal, it is advisable to wear cotton gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints.

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Active Crystals®

Active Crystals® USB memory keys:
Do not place your USB memory key in locations that vibrate or with extreme temperatures. Avoid exposure to corrosive gases, direct sunlight, dust, dirt and/or humidity. Carefully clean and polish the product with a soft, lint free cloth and avoid contact with harsh cleansers.

For further important information about Active Crystals® USB keys, please download the PDF .

Active Crystal® headphones:
Carefully clean and polish the product with a soft, lint free cloth. Avoid contact with harsh cleaners. For further important information about Active Crystals® headphone, please download the PDF .

USB Key Rings:
To read the user instructions for the USB Key Rings, please download the PDF .

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It is very easy to exchange the refill of your Swarovski Crystalline ballpoint pen, USB pen or mechanical pencil. Simply follow the instructions in these short videos:


Change of twist mechanism to middle twist
Exchanging the Ballpoint Pen and Stylus Pen refill
Exchanging the Mechanical Pencil refill
Stellar Pen refill

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Stardust bracelets

To read the cleaning instructions for the Stardust bracelets, please download the PDF .

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Crystaldust bracelets

To read the cleaning instructions for the Crystaldust bracelets, please download the PDF .

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Sparkling Dance Jewellery

We recommend that you clean your Swarovski jewellery on a regular basis to keep it fully functional and sparkling.

  • Place article into lukewarm water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid or mild soap;
  • The chain can be cleaned by rubbing lightly with fingers, the pendant can be cleaned by using a small and soft brush; only use a brush with soft bristles to avoid scratches to the surface or deformations of sensitive parts;
  • After cleaning, use fresh lukewarm water to remove remaining soap;
  • Lay article on a cloth to dry, do not use a towel as the lint can be caught inside the pendant and impact the function.
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