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OLD __ Customer Service - After Sales Service - Activity tracking jewellery FAQ



1. What is unique about Swarovski’s Activity Tracking Jewellery Collection?

This wearable technology collection is designed to make you look stylish and keep you active throughout the day. Swarovski’s fully facetted Activity Crystal works with the Swarovski Activity Crystal app to track your everyday activities, including walking, swimming, running, cycling, and more. This intelligent device also helps you to understand your sleep pattern. The range includes stylish bracelet and necklace sets as well as bracelet and necklace carriers that are designed to carry the Swarovski Activity Crystal and are also compatible with our partner’s product, Misfit Shine. (Find out more about the collection here.)


2. Who is Misfit?

Misfit is Swarovski’s San Francisco-based technology partner. This leading hardware company designs and manufactures wearable products. Misfit products are ranked today among the most successful activity and sleep monitors in the industry. Misfit technology measures and analyzes movement data to provide users with insights on steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and quality and duration of sleep on iOS and Android platforms. The companies’ shared vision, innovative approach, and dedication to quality has led to the development of the Swarovski Activity Crystal, which seamlessly blends design and technology.

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1. What activities can the Swarovski Activity Crystal track?

The Swarovski Activity Crystal tracks and records all your daily activities including walking, running, swimming, sleeping, and more. After syncing your device with the Swarovski Activity Crystal app you are able to view a daily summary including:

  • Steps taken
  • Distance traveled
  • Calories burned
  • Points earned
  • Sleep pattern


2. Is my Swarovski Activity Crystal water resistant?

The Swarovski Activity Crystal is water resistant up to 5 atm (50 m) and is suitable for swimming, water sports, and showering. It is not suitable for diving. The Swarovski Activity Crystal should be worn only in combination with the sport band for all sport and water activities, including showering.


3. What are points?

Points are a way to measure your physical activity, both from steps and other activities. For example, if you walk for ten minutes you can earn 100 points depending on your pace. If you run for ten minutes, you can earn three to five times that amount depending on the intensity of your running. The more active you are, the more points you receive.


4. How does the Swarovski Activity Crystal measure my calories burned?

The device estimates your total calories burned each day, based on the most up-to-date medical research on energy expenditure. It includes:

  • Calories related to your physical activities like swimming, walking, running, etc.
  • The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of energy needed just to keep your body alive (based on your
    height, weight, age, and sex)

The calories burned by your physical activities are based on their duration and intensity, which are measured by the device’s accelerometer system. Even if you have not performed a lot of activity in a day, you will still burn calories related to your BMR, which can be a surprisingly large number.


5. How does the Swarovski Activity Crystal track my sleep?

The first step to improving your quality of sleep is to understand your sleep pattern. Sleep is composed of a sequence of successive sleep cycles that contribute to a healthy regenerative process for your mind and body. Wear your Swarovski Activity Crystal at night if you want to monitor your sleep. It will automatically track the various stages including time slept, duration, and amount of deep and light sleep.


6. How do I see what time it is?

Your Swarovski Activity Crystal is multifunctional and also operates as a timepiece. You can enable
the clock feature and synchronize the time with the time on your mobile device(s) when you initially link to the Swarovski Activity Crystal app.

  • The bright dots on the crystal represent 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock reference points
  • The constant light represents the hour, while the blinking light indicates the minutes

By default, your activity progress will appear first before showing the clock. You can change this
order anytime in the Swarovski Activity Crystal app under the Device tab.


7. What else can I do with my Swarovski Activity Crystal?

Use your Swarovski Activity Crystal to take photos remotely, to control your music, or to get notified of an incoming call or text message.

To remotely turn on music or take a picture, triple tap on your Swarovski Activity Crystal after choosing the option in the Swarovski Activity Crystal app. To be alerted to incoming calls and text messages with a light pattern on your Swarovski Activity Crystal, choose the call and text notification option in your app.

Please note, these functionalities require your smartphone to be at a distance of max. 1.5 m from the Swarovski Activity Crystal with the Bluetooth on. If you are an existing user, your device should update automatically to get these new features. If not, reinstall the Swarovski Activity Crystal app and sync your Swarovski Activity Crystal.


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1. Which app do I use with the Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewellery?

The Swarovski Activity Crystal app is to be used together with the Activity Crystal in order to sync
your device and view your activity on a smartphone or tablet.

2. What are the system requirements to use the Swarovski Activity Crystal app?

WIRELESS SYNC, Requirements: Bluetooth® 4.0 or above / Bluetooth® Smart

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: iOS 7.0 or above / AndroidTM 4.3 or above

Please refer to for further information.

3. Can I connect several devices to the same app account?

Yes, you can connect one or more Swarovski Activity Crystals to the same app and switch between the different devices. However, please note that only one Swarovski Activity Crystal can be used at a time. Before you switch between devices, make sure that you sync the current device on the Swarovski Activity Crystal app to ensure that all of your current data is stored securely and will not be lost when switching devices.

4. Can the Swarovski Activity Crystal be synced with other third-party apps?

Yes, you can connect your Swarovski Activity Crystal with other applications, such as Apple Health, SpeedoFit, MyFitnessPal, Lose it! and many others. For further details open the Swarovski Activity Crystal app, select Menu, and then Apps.

5. How can I set up a new account for an existing Swarovski Activity Crystal device?

Before using a device that was previously used by someone else, first make sure that the Activity Crystal has been disconnected from that individual’s Swarovski Activity Crystal app account before proceeding, as the Swarovski Activity Crystal can only be linked to one account at a time.

To disconnect the Swarovski Activity Crystal from an existing Swarovski Activity Crystal app account:

1. Open the app and select “Device”
2. Scroll down until you reach “Remove Device”
3. Select “Remove Device” – this will disconnect the Swarovski Activity Crystal
4. Link your new Swarovski Activity Crystal (Find the instructions in the latest Quick Start Manual here)

6. How can I update the Swarovski Activity Crystal’s software?

When an update is available for your Swarovski Activity Crystal, the sync indicator on your Swarovski Activity Crystal app will display an upwards-facing arrow:

1. Tap once on this icon to open the update page
2. Then tap on the displayed circle to start the update

Please note that any updates require a network connection and may take up to a few minutes.

7. How does the Swarovski Activity Crystal record my data?

Each day at midnight the device’s display resets and starts to record data for the new day. Information from the previous day is automatically stored in your Swarovski Activity Crystal’s memory and will be transferred to the Swarovski Activity Crystal app when you next sync the device.

8. How much memory does the device have?

While all of your data is stored on the Swarovski Activity Crystal app, the Swarovski Activity Crystal holds data for up to 30 days. Therefore, it is important that you regularly sync your Swarovski Activity Crystal with the Swarovski Activity Crystal app to ensure all recent data is stored and secure.

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1. What do I need to do when the battery gets low?

Before removing the old battery, make sure you sync all of your data to the Swarovski Activity Crystal app. This will ensure that no data is lost.

2. Which batteries do I need?

  • Type CR2025 cell coin
  • Size: 20.0 x 2.5 mm
  • Volt: 3 V Lithium

Please note that battery lifetime is up to approximately four months. Replacement batteries can be
purchased from most consumer electronics retailers.

3. What temperatures can the Swarovski Activity Crystal endure?

Operating temperature: -4° F to 122° F (-20° C to 50° C)
Non-operating temperature: -22° F to 140° F (-30° C to 60° C)

4. Can I use the Swarovski Activity Crystal with another bracelet or carrier?

The Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewellery carriers are designed specifically for the Swarovski Activity Crystal. Other bracelets and necklaces in the Swarovski range are not designed to accommodate the device and may lead to damage. When wearing your jewellery bracelet carrier, place your Swarovski Activity Crystal in the designated area to avoid scratches on the device. Incorrect handling of the Activity Crystal is at your own risk.

5. Is it safe to use the device if I have a pacemaker?

There are no magnetic components in the device, so it is safe to use with a pacemaker.

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1. My Swarovski Activity Crystal does not sync with the Swarovski Activity Crystal app, what can I

There are a number of reasons why this may not work. Try these actions accordingly:

  • Completely shut down the Swarovski Activity Crystal app, then reopen and restart the sync process
  • Turn the Bluetooth on and off on your smartphone or tablet
  • Turn your smartphone or tablet on and off
  • Open and close your Swarovski Activity Crystal with the battery tool and make sure the battery is correctly inserted or replace with a new one if needed

2. Why does my Activity Crystal not light up when I double-tap the device?

In order to see your progress towards your personal activity goal, you need to double tap your Swarovski Activity Crystal. If the device does not react, first make sure that it is worn in the designated jewellery carrier, as it may not work if placed on a hard surface. If this still does not work, check whether the battery is correctly inserted (Find the instructions in the latest Quick Start Manual here) .

3. Support and Contact

For any further questions or queries, which cannot be answered in this FAQ, please contact us or directly refer to Misfit Support via

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The latest and most up to date information on the Swarovski Activity Tracker device can be found in the Quick Start guides featured in this download category.

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